Swami Vivekananda Secondary & Sr. Secondary Open Education

(A Unit of PBSVHWS under RBSSSOE)

A NGO/TRUST based Autonomous Private Board, Regd. Under Govt. of WB & Govt. of Delhi Registered member at Planning Commission, Govt. of India, Trade Mark Registered under section 107 of the Trade Mark Act 1989 under Class 41.An ISO 9001: 2008 Certified Organisation.

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To create and sustain an education environment in which each student is taught to Believe in himself/herself

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    This Board is not similar to or not comparable to or not equivalent to the Boards like Central Govt. or State Govt. Educational Boards. The Central Govt. or State Govt. Boards are established / created through parliamentary or Legislative Bills. But this SVSSSOE Board is NGO/Trust based autonomous private board mainly for gaining self education, self knowledge, self satisfaction and self-employment. All the courses run by the Board are its autonomous programs. This Board has been established to promote educational, social and economic up liftmen and general welfare of the people of India, particularly the socially and economically backward sections of the Indian society by organizing various types of educational programs through right to educational Act.

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    To create an aptitude amongst the students towards Education as a feeling process of formal and Practical learning on the platform of simulation of Experiences for ongoing knowledge and skill to be of Value to oneself and therefore to the trust.

    To create and sustain an education environment in which each student is taught to Believe in himself/herse.

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